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Wilson Yard Expansion Project
Wilson Yard Expansion Project

Wilson Yard Expansion Project

Toronto, Ontario


Toronto Transit Commission


Toronto Transit Commission

Project Completion Date

January, 2018

Type of Contract

Construction Management

Project Value



Storage Tracks:

Installation of an additional eight storage tracks complete with traction power, emergency alarm stations (EAS), SCADA, signalling requirements, south lead track connection and new substation.

Wilson Yard Systems Modifications:

Installation of additional signalling systems for the expanded yard, including an updated yard control board, route selection network and all vital/non-vital system design and controls.

Wilson Carhouse North Expansion:

Building retrofit and expansion complete with new car hoists, maintenance pits and supporting traction power and systems elements.  Design and construction of an appropriate six car train hoist to support the overhaul of all TR vehicle trucks to the recommended OEM standards.

Wilson Carhouse North Ladder Track Tie-in includes replacement of carhouse north ladder tracks to connect indoor tracks with yard run-around tracks.

Wilson Carhouse South Expansion:

Tie-in tracks 33, 37-44: tie-in of currently dead ended tracks with new automated train control (ATC) test track.

ATC Run-around Track Conversion:

Includes signal and track modifications to create second yard run-around track.

T&S Building Modification:

North building expansion along track 36 to provide additional shop and office space.

NW Hostler Platform:

A new hostler platform is required for dispatching an increased number of trains into service.

North Runaround Track:

To connect 8 new storage tracks with tracks 1 & 3 and provide access to the car-house, the existing east hostler and the YUS subway mainline.

North Lead (track) to Downsview:

To connect the 8 new storage tracks with Downsview Subway Station, providing additional direct access for Wilson yard to the YUS subway mainline.

Tandem Under Floor Wheel Lathe on track #11 north.