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St. Elizabeth Performing Arts Centre

St. Elizabeth Performing Arts Centre

Vaughn, Ontario


York Catholic District School Board


Moffet and Duncan Architects Inc.
Diamond and Schmitt Architects

Project Completion Date

September, 2005

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



The performing arts centre contains a 300-seat flexible theatre designed for drama and music departments of this secondary school.  In addition to the theatre, the centre includes a rehearsal hall and practice rooms which comprises 9,000 square feet.  The centre also includes a workshop, stage pit, and wardrobe maintenance classrooms.  The 6,000 square foot theatre is designed with a floor that can be set up in various arrangements to yield theatre-in-the-round, proscenium and flat floor configurations.  The seating is retractable.

The performance space has lighting gallery levels, catwalk, balcony level and control room.  The theatre was constructed according to rigid acoustical guidelines affecting all building components, to ensure proper sound quality in the theatre.