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St. Mathew’s Elementary School
St. Mathew’s Elementary School

LEED Silver

St. Mathew's Elementary School

(Binbrook Elementary School)

Hamilton, Ontario


Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board


Lintack Architects Incorporated

Project Completion Date

April, 2010

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School has incorporated a number of “green” features into its design, practices, standards and technologies that are intended to improve the school’s energy performance and economic returns.

St. Matthew School in Binbrook was one of the first elementary schools in the province to employ a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Windows let light in from one end of the building to the other.  In addition, the roof in the gymnasium was elevated by two meters to allow windows to be placed around the perimeter of the gym.

The 2 storey foyer borrows light from an adjacent low roof and is bridged by an internal hallway.  Light from the foyer goes through to a second storey classroom overlooking the entrance.  All exterior classroom windows have been fitted with shade louvers to keep sunlight out in summer and let light in during the winter.  To complete its Catholic indentity and enhance its beauty, an exterior 2 storey entrance canopy featuring louvers and a transluscent cross was incorporated into the design.

Other LEED features included solar panels to heat water and generate electricity, white roof membranes and vegetation to minimize the impacts of solar heat gain, light fixtures with daylight sensors that automatically adjust to light levels in the classrooms, low consumption plumbing features that will reduce the amount of water waste, increased wall and roof insulation and window U values to maximize the energy performance of the building, and low VOC products and paints creating a non-toxic indoor environment.

The school also sported other features that aren’t necessarily LEED but are good design elements, pointing to an outdoor classroom beside the secondary storey green roof.  Other provisions included are more educational in nature, such as classroom meters so that students can monitor or observe their energy consumption.