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TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance
TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance

TTC Kipling Station, East Entrance

Toronto, Ontario


Toronto Transit Commission


Toronto Transit Commission

Project Completion Date

November, 2011

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



The scope of the Project included:

  • Construction of a new fully accessible automatic entrance at the east side of the station
  • Construction of a pedestrian walkway connection between the new east entrance building and existing Kipling station bus terminal level
  • Construction of a new east Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off (29 spaces) including a barrier free space (one space) and taxi stand (four spaces)
  • Improvements to the existing bus terminal by addition of one articulated bus bay and the reconfiguration of one bus bay plus the expansion of the bus lay-by area.
  • New Streetscaping at the east side of the Kipling Station


The improvements for the east side of the Kipling Station significantly improved the existing conditions at the street level.

East Entrance Building:

A “TTC Red” accent band on the roof fascia draws attention to and identifies the entrance building as a TTC station.  Exterior walls facing St. Albans Road (north) and the PPUDO (east) feature clear glazing (safety glass) to provide natural surveillance and transparency from public areas.

Structural concrete columns on both sides of the openings emphasize the sliding glass entrance doors.  The remaining exterior walls were clad with clay brick, in a soft salmon colour selected to coordinate with split-face concrete blocks on the existing station.

Pedestrian Walkway and Bridge:

The steel frame of the pedestrian walkway and bridge, which connects the East entrance to the existing TTC bus terminal, was treated as a sculptural element.  It was exposed on the interior and accentuated with a finish colour, matching a teal-coloured accent colour used elsewhere in the existing station.  A light warm grey-coloured concrete was used for the walkway floors.  Off-white wall tiles and white painted metal ceiling panels were set between the structural members.  Floor to ceiling glass on the north side provided views from and admit daylight into the pedestrian walkway.

Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off Area:

A combination of soft and hard landscaping at the northwest corner of the entrance building provided an inviting and pleasant aspect to pedestrians approaching from St. Albans, on the north side.  Plantings consisted of ground covers, low and medium-sized shrubs and ornamental grass.  Much of the plant material was evergreen to provide year-round interest.