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Trent University Bata Research Library and Innovation Cluster
Rendering courtesy of Perkins + Will Canada

Trent University Bata Research Library

and Innovation Cluster

Peterborough, Ontario


Trent University


Perkins + Will Canada

Project Completion Date

August, 2018

Type of Contract

Lump Sum

Project Value



The Bata Library will undergo a $14.3 million, 111,235 sq. ft. transformation into a library of the future – and home to the new Bata Research and Innovation Cluster.

The new Bata Research and Innovation Cluster will include multiple centres dedicated to research and innovation, intensely interactive student spaces, and design elements to promote environmental sustainability.  The cluster will be a nexus of knowledge mobilization that enhances student entrepreneurship, research on aging and the environment, and work with Indigenous peoples and communities.

The transformation will be carried out in a way that maintains and enhances a historically-significant building designed by one of Canada's most renowned architects, Ron Thom.  The project will demonstrate ways to combine a commitment to nationally-important architecture with a contemporary need for digital infrastructure, and for sustainable design that furthers Canada's climate change agenda.  Some design and infrastructure features will include a green wall at the centre of the Bata Library, and high performance computing and data analytics to support research and innovation for faculty, staff, students and industry.